LA // 2nd day // Seal Beach

Yesterday I took the bus to Seal Beach, the northest beach of Orange County. I walked the beach, looked in cute little shops in the town and drank coffee while enjoying my first Californian sunset.

LA // 1st day // Long Beach

After a terrible jetlagged night I woke up to the city of angels covered in clouds. Here I am, thinking California is supposed to be the state that is always hot and sunny. Called my mother after breakfast, and was informed that it snowed back home, which made everything suddely feel a bit better. Since Anna was going to be at the uni all day, I had the whole day for myself to explore Long Beach, the part of Los Angeles where Anna lives.
I took the bus down to downtown Long Beach and started to walk around at The Pike, which is an area of outlet stores. It was very interesting to travel with an American bus! I was nervous I would end up at the wrong place but everything turned out just fine. After I had been looking in a few stores I walked further down to the harbour, where there is an aquarium. There were lots of school kids running around outside filled with energy after have seen lots of cool fishes (at least i suppose so) and teachers trying to keep their groups of kids together.
I continued walking along the shore ahead torwards the beach. It started raining a little but it was still warm enough for me to only wear a t-shirt. After an hour I found Cherry street wich I remembered from the busride had some cool street art. So I walked up a few blocks och then continued to 4th Street were Anna had said there were som great thrift stores and lunch restaurants. 
I fell in love with the Art Theatre of Long Beach from the outside. I can't believe they show Rocky Horror there on Sat! (Memories <3) There were som really great shops and in one of them I found super hot Playboy magazines from the seventies. It started raining more and more, so I went for lunch and ended up having the most delicious Vietnamese noodel soup at a place, where they played electro in their restrooms. 
I would really recommend the place. Number Nine Noodles + Beer at 2118 E. 4th Street. Later I walked down to the beach again and took a long walk along the shore to the pier. 
Feelt a need for caffeine so I headed to 2th Street where there are some stores and coffeshops. After a cappucino and free wifi, I realised that it was almost 6 pm and the sun was about to set. Waited for the bus and watched the sun disappear. Back at home I ended the day drinking coca cola cherry and smoking cigarettes at the balcony with Anna. I'm so happy to be with her again.

Berghain 1st time

 A tiny throwback to November last year.
Taking *cool* photos outside the enourmous techno paradise is for tourists and beginners. But we had to since we filled in both criteria. After a late night and early morning of pumping music, smoke, naked men and sweet ice cream we headed home to the hostel to sleep the day away. 
Stamps and ruined makeup forever. 


Went to Artipelag, a place for contemporary art in the artipelago of Stockholm, with my mom this weekend.




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